2010 Best Internet Business Ideas and Trends!

In order to earn a residual income on the internet, you’re going to have to keep up with all the latest trends. Fads come and go on the internet, so just because one person got lucky with one of the best internet business ideas doesn’t mean you will. A few years ago, college kids were making thousands of dollars a day through the MySpace niche. Now, MySpace is nowhere near as popular as it once was, and people are cashing in on the demand for Facebook and mobile phone applications.

If you don’t know how to create apps, you can still make money in today’s market. Here are a few best internet business ideas for 2010.


Blogging has been pretty popular over the past few years, and is growing even more so this year. Blogs are a lot easier to make and update than websites. There are many ways you can start a blogging business: you can earn money by allowing other people to advertise their blogs on yours; you can earn through a PPC campaign; you can earn by advertising affiliate products and services, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

You can always be sure that affiliate marketing can be profitable. However, you can’t always be sure about which products to sell. Sign up for a program that will inform you of all the latest hot selling products. In 2010 so far, popular niches include apps (as mentioned above), foreign language learning software, weight loss products and diet programs, “green” products, and dating how-to guides.

Run a Frugal/Discount Website or Blog

Since the economy isn’t the best these days, everybody’s always looking for ways to save. People are always looking for discounts and coupons. You can write tips on how to save on your blog; inform people when affiliate products go on sale; sign up for an affiliate at a travel discount site and promote offers on your blog; etc. It may seem strange that this is a best internet business idea, but these days, you really can make money by helping other people save theirs!

Video Marketing

There are many ways you can make money with video marketing. For starters, you can create advertisements for the products you’re promoting. You can actually SHOW people what they will be getting, while explaining to them the benefits they will receive if they order the product. The combination of audio and video is really effective in regards to sales potential. You can also create how-to videos and show people how to build or create things. This will get them interested in your business, and they will visit your site to learn more!