Profitable Internet Business Ideas

There are thousands of people who make money online by working at home. The idea is both simple and appealing enough but the problem is that not everybody has the dedication to do it. Obviously, it can be done but it does take time to learn and most people may not have the patience required. Below are some internet business ideas that if pursued correctly, have proven over time to be money makers.

The first one is in web design. The internet continues to expand, particularly in the area of mobile applications. With this expansion, there are opportunities for exceptional web design for both creative and technically driven individuals. That’s the good news. The bad news is one needs to be aware of the stiff competition in this area. In order to compete effectively, one must show high levels of skills in design and programming knowledge either individually or as part of a team.

Another idea is being an online resume writing service. This is another very lucrative field since many job seekers will seek professional guidance to help them draft their resumes. Also, as economic conditions improve, resumes will need to be updated as individuals look towards job advancement. In this particular case, one can list and market themselves through freelance sites such as Elance, Odesk, Textbroker or BizReef.

Another effective opportunity is in the area of buying or selling products for particular individuals or companies. This can effectively done through affiliate marketing. The companies will pay commissions if you can direct prospects from your site to theirs. Most affiliate programs pay a percentage when a sale is made, however, there are some programs that will simply pay for a qualified lead. If this idea is of interest, you may want to check out the some well established affiliate programs at places like, eBay or even Google’s AdSense. All these programs can be joined free of charge.

With the expansion of the internet, there has been an explosion for the need of quality and unique content creation. As a result, there is a tremendous need for content writing. If you like to write and are good at it, this is absolutely an area that you should be explore since most people are not good at either. Good content is rewarded by higher rankings by the search engines and simply, higher rankings mean more traffic and profitability for a business. Like resume writing, which was discussed earlier, you can list your services at no charge at sites like Elance, oDesk, Textbroker or BizReef.

Another area to explore is the online research business. In most cases research is done for corporations, law firms and other small scale businesses. Research work is usually done on a project basis and the researcher is compensated as such. Typically, researchers tend to specialize, Thus, it really helps to have some knowledge in the area of research services you may offer.

Apart from the above named Internet business ideas, one may also offer consultation services in their area of expertise. Also, one may offer virtual assistance services to people who may business assistance. Bookkeeping and accounting are some of the other services that may also be offered to different companies online. Lastly, one other area that is expanding is becoming a “virtual” customer service representative for a company. Here hours tend to be flexible and you can work from home.