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New Internet Business Ideas for the Sports Fan

Everyone wants to make money doing something they truly love. The ideal job for any sports fan would be to make their living doing something revolving around their favorite team or sport. Well, not all is lost, as there are plenty of new Internet business ideas that will enable a sports fan to make money online. If they are not able to make it their full-time job, at the very least, they will be able to create a secondary income that will help with the monthly bills.

Creating a blog site writing about your favorite team is a great way to make secondary income. Every fan has definite opinions that they can share. A person may not get rich from this, but they can be paid for doing something they love. If there is no familiarity with operating a blog, sign up to write for sites like Associated Content or Helium, where commissions can be earned based on the amount of clicks the story receives.

Selling on eBay
Collectibles are always popular among sports fans, and they are a great way to earn extra money. Fans that go to sports shows are often able to work deals if they buy in bulk. These great buys can then be offered on eBay at a markup and fans that do not have access to these products can take advantage of the pricing. As a person develops a following, they may actually be able to launch their own business.

Start Your Own Website
If the eBay selling goes well, it may be time to open an actual storefront on the Internet. Anyone that has blogging experience can probably do this for less than $300. Once buyers make a purchase on eBay, they can be directed to the actual site for future purchases. This will enable the business owner to build a mailing list and avoid the commissions charged by eBay for selling on its site.

Sports fans should now be in all their glory as they finally have a few new Internet business ideas for making money at something they truly love. Now imagine if one of these ideas takes off and the possibility of doing it full time comes to fruition. Few people in this world are actually able to say they are doing something that they truly love to support their family. And to think, all of this became possible because of one invention, the Internet.

From Internet Business Idea to Soaring Profits – 3 Ways to Promote Your Cool Business Idea

Online Marketing
For anyone who has a great new internet business idea, setting up a web site or blog can be great fun. However once it’s set up, your great idea won’t get noticed unless you can drive traffic to your site. Keep reading and I’ll share three great methods to promote your cool business idea.

Technical Skills
I think what stops most people from pursuing their internet business idea is the mistaken assumption that you need to have specialized computer or internet skills in order to be successful. While that may have been true ten years ago, today it is so simple that even a child could start to make real money online.

If you know how to use email and can surf the web you already have all the knowledge you’ll need to get started. Any additional skills needed will be easy for you to learn and master as you move along in your new business.

Three Great Promotion Techniques
Keyword Research – Find a great, free keyword tool (Google’s AdWords is by far the most popular program). Search for keywords that are specific to your business niche, preferably ones that aren’t too competitive.

You’ll want to dig deep to find long-tail keywords that have little competition. These are the ones you should focus your efforts on. Use these keywords to create great articles for posting to your site. This will greatly improve your search engine rankings.

Article Marketing – Using the keywords you found previously, create unique and well written articles. Submit these articles to article directories like EzineArticles. For each article you submit, you’ll also create a resource box that will have valuable back links to your site.

Social Networking – The social networking phenomenon should not be ignored. This can go far in creating organic, targeted traffic to your site. Sign up for free accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn and any of the dozens of other popular social networking and bookmarking sites. Use these to build relationships, increase your online exposure and network with other marketers in your business’ niche.

Keep Pressing On
While these methods of promoting your great internet business idea are all free, they will require time and dedication on your part. Set aside time every day to focus on at least one of these three strategies. Once you feel you’ve mastered all three, you’ll be able to split the time up based on which approaches have brought you the most success.

Best Internet Business Ideas – Sell Other People’s Products Or Services

Do you want to make a lot of money online but do not have a product or service to sell? No worries because with a few days of hard work and a very short learning curve, you can be making money online as an Affiliate in less than a week. This is by far one of the best internet business ideas on the planet.

The concept of affiliate marketing is to focus your business on promoting and selling products and service’s of other people, but on your own web site. You collect a commission for your efforts. If you have 10 different Web sites making $500 a month each, you are making $5,000 a month with no real work outside of attracting people to product or service you are promoting. The actual company selling the product handles all of the actual sales and shipping.

There are companies that offer a $500 to $1,000 commission for sales such as they when selling large programs like martial arts training camps over at where you collect 10 to 20 percent of the sales (depending on how many you get each month) and they will even provide you with a Web site template. However most of your commissions will be much lower and focus on quantity.

You can find a lot more companies over at Websites like,,, and Just do some research to find a few that work for you. Start with ones that are easy to get you going. But do not be limited to these sites. If you see a product or service that interests you, then contact the company and tell them that would like to be an affiliate. You might have to set up the process for them or just ask them to join a site like (if you don’t mind risking the affiliate competition).

A quick way to get started on learning as much as possible in the shortest amount of time is to learn from one of the Webs best affiliate marketers – Rosalind Gardner. Not only does Rosalind have a lot of free information available on the internet, she has also written a few books on the subject of affiliate marketing.