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Internet Business Ideas – How to Earn Extra Money by Blogging

Did you know that you can earn extra money from blogging? Yes, internet marketing through blogs is one of today’s best internet business ideas. You can earn big time without investing on office space or travelling everyday to the workplace. All you need is to be an effective and creative blogger – and you can even add this to your lifestyle design after retirement. You can earn simply through your internet-connected computer – even without leaving home.

The competition in internet marketing is based on visibility. Who gets seen more often is highly likely to accomplish sales. Large companies that sell tangible goods, services and information look for affiliate advertisers who can help them increase their visibility. They will pay you for every visitor you can send to their websites. Alternatively, they can pay you with good commission rates if sales are accomplished through your efforts.

You can start earning in these affiliate marketing jobs by having a website or blog. You can have your own website hosted for as low as $10 per month. Paid web hosting will allow you to get a unique URL or domain name for your website. It is better to find paid hosting than have your site hosted for free if the URL will be affixed to the host’s site name.

Nevertheless, one of the best online business ideas is to have a blog. There are free blog hosting sites such as Blogger and WordPress. You can register an account and have your blog ready in five minutes or less. They have professional looking templates for the appearance and fonts of your pages. If you have knowledge on HTML and CSS, you can improve your site with animations, flash, music, videos etc.

Your goal is to attract as many readers as possible. You can do this by choosing a particular subject or niche and staying focused on that niche. For example, if you chose gaming as the theme of your blog, focus on writing game and console reviews, recommendations for gaming hardware etc. You will confuse readers if you suddenly slip in blog entries about movies, novels, fashion etc. You can further popularize your blog through posting the links in social network sites.

Blogs have evolved from simple online journals into complete internet marketing packages. For example, WordPress allows you to perform search engine optimization (SEO) on your content. In SEO, you trim the content of your blog to get high ranks in search engine results. This will further boost your visibility and get readers from around the globe. There are also several widgets and small apps that can help you turn your WordPress blog into a professional marketing system. They will tell you which keyword to use to improve your SEO and which changes must be implemented to improve your blog.

Given that you have established good readership, it is time to monetize your blogs. Choose affiliates that have products or websites relevant to your blogs. As an affiliate, you will be given codes and banners. Display them in strategic positions in your blog pages. Your employers will automatically track the number of clicks and sales accomplished through your links. These are great internet business ideas because, after a few minute’s work, you can sit back as money fills your bank account.

The Top 3 Internet Businesses In 2011

Over the last 20 years the World Wide Web has evolved into an information presentation mechanism that allows over 33% of us (human beings) to get and post information at rates previously thought impossible just 30 years ago. We now know more than we ever have and the rate at which we share information increases every second of every day. The Web also represents an unprecedented opportunity to entrepreneurs who for whatever reason (socio-economic or/and geo-political) would not get a fair start any other way. This truth has people all over the planet looking more and more for Internet business ideas and ways to earn income using the Web.

A recent poll of adults conducted in Las Vegas, found that 90% of Americans did not have more than $400 dollars of liquid, available and completely disposable capital. Upon finding that information out I decided to limit this article to businesses that can be started for less than $400, in efforts to make this as realistic as is currently possible. By putting these two factors together and researching for several months I have determined the TOP 3 Web based business models for 2011.

#1. Selling Websites Plus Hosting

The number one cash “cow” online today is website design and hosting. This is where the money is made by the big companies via self-serve website generators. These services let you build your own website without the use of webmasters, graphic designers or software programmers and have become very popular. One major value proposition with them is that hosting comes with. The facts are that 60% of people in developed countries want to purchase a website or need a more functional website. The estimated number of websites to be sold by 2015 exceeds 450 million. Selling Websites plus Hosting is smart business and those who can do it stand to make a lot of money.

#2. Niche (members only) Social Networks

This is the only market that counts for dot-comers right now because creating a hot Social Network, can net you millions from your ideas and effort. Niche networks exist that net tens of millions of dollars per month in revenue because they are topic specific and as it turns out, people will pay to use them instead of generic networks populated by random people for random reasons. The reason for this is that people like to be in the company of like minded individuals for a specific purpose. Topic based networks have been a staple of the Internet since its inception.

#3. Affiliate Marketing

Today, the largest number of people earning a living off the Web are running Affiliate Marketing campaigns of one sort or another and most use Pay Per Click ads to attract customers to their websites. Ideally, to make money using this method you need to create as many topic specific websites as you can, then Search Engine Optimize each of those sites to sell a specific product or service, then buy some key worded domains to point to the websites you made and finally purchase clicks from a search engine. If all goes as planned you will make many small increments of money from many websites which should add up to more than you spent on your PPC ads.

So there you have it, the top business models to use if you are serious about making money on the Internet in 2011. The only thing you need now is suitable software that will allow you to operate as a Mini-ISP (sell self-serv Websites + Hosting over the Internet), automatically generate unlimited Affiliate Marketing Websites and SEO (Search Optimize) each one and create a niche (Topic Based) Social Network that users pay a membership fee or subscription to use. Good Luck and have a great year.

Home Internet Business Ideas on the Top Internet Opportunities Your Should Consider

Home Internet Business – The Dream

In today’s society people are always looking for different ways to make money from a home internet business. Sometimes this leads people to find some good opportunities while other times it does not. Most of the time, finding the good opportunities depend on what you know and knowing which of the companies to avoid.

A number of people do well by starting a home business, but there are a large number of those who fall into the trap set by others. Scams are the cause of why many lose money. Many of the companies that do these kinds of scams are so good that the person wont have any idea, until it is too late.

Many of the sites you may come across will tell you little or no work is needed in order to succeed. This is not true and should not be believed. Often these are the same kinds of places which will tell you of possibilities to make money quickly, well if this was the case, don’t you think everyone would be doing it. Having a home based internet business takes time in order to make money and you should not believe otherwise. To believe otherwise will often result in a loss time and money and nothing else other than that.

Despite the numerous places that try and take advantage of people, there exists some good businesses on the web. Affiliate marketing is a good opportunity for those who have their own website and know how to web market and sales copy write. Pay per click is another important aspect, when it comes to this type of business. These are all important when it comes to this type of internet business, since it involves promotion of a marketers products and services.

Selling on auction sites is another way. Usually you would get merchandise from wholesalers, drop shippers, or sell some of your own stuff. Bloggers are sort of like affiliate marketing, in the way they advertise and promote for other companies. Selling arts and crafts is another option as well.

Research business are good for those who are good with finding information. It is the kind of business that you are paid to provide certain information to companies. If you are a freelance writer, usually you are paid by the writing or hour. As a recruiter, companies tell you what they want and you go find them that person and they pay you. Additionally, you could act as an consultant for companies and share specialized knowledge with them. VA’s are people who act as virtual assistants for those in business.

These are just a few of many. Check into any business before you go through with it. Make sure it matches up with the skills you have.