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This Internet Business Idea About the Niche Market Industry Should Save Your From Their Clutches

This internet business idea about the niche marketing (N.M.), industry is one that flies in the face of almost all of the offers you see out there for a simple reason; I am not an affiliate marketer and that is probably their number one seller right now. They make money from peddling this idea and, for the life of me, I can not figure out why or how. If you can not tell yet, I am not a big fan of the N.M. industry and this article will tell you why.

First and foremost, the entire concept is based on finding a small underdeveloped niche market out there, and then swoop in and exploit that market before some one else finds it. Let’s stop right there. If the whole idea of the concept is to find secret, underdeveloped markets, why are these people selling thousands, if not millions of systems on how to do just that? The credibility of these people is zero; they are selling a secret formula to as many people as possible, to make as much money as possible and all the while diluting and diminishing the market every time they sell another secret system.

What these people are doing is selling a supposed treasure map to one treasure. The problem is, they are selling thousands of maps, but there is only one treasure. Once the first person finds the treasure, what do the thousands who follow him get? An empty hole in the ground. The absurdness of the whole process is mind-boggling; they are saying what they have is new and different, no one out there is doing what they are doing. Based on this we are going to sell you the secret formula that you can use to make a fortune. What happens when everybody and their dog has the same system.? Where is the value now?

My internet business idea about N.M. is this: if its so easy to do, why don’t the sellers of the system keep it a secret and just duplicate it themselves thousands and thousands of times and make millions instead of the peanuts they are making selling the system? The answer is simple, it either does not work at all, or it works so rarely that it is meaningless as a way to make money. Something that works so rarely to make it ineffective for the originators of the system to use it themselves is the tip off that you should also not get involved.

The N.M. industry is not something that is new to the internet; this concept has been around as long as people were selling things to each other outside the Roman coliseum. The only thing the internet did was make a scam out of it! My definition of a scam is this: when the vast majority of people fail to make money on a system that is sold entirely on the concept that you will make money and lots of it. Not only are you supposed to make lots of money, you will make this money over night, effortless and with no experience in business what so ever!

My last internet business idea on this topic, for now, is this: N.M. like almost everything else on the internet, has been blown all out of proportion. Yes, in certain circumstances, some people with much more skill than 99% of the people on the internet have, can make some money. You also need to get real lucky and find a gem out there that no one else has found, or will find, that alone is very hard to do o in this day and age, especially on today’s internet.

Best Internet Business Ideas – The Simple Exact Foundation

Before getting start into the Internet business ideas’ conversation, let me say to you the truths about Internet business succeed.

  • There is NO get-rich-quick business on the Internet.
  • It takes time and effort that may perhaps longer than you expect.
  • It does work only if you have a good plan and work on the plan.
  • You need an effective budgeting before earning anything.
  • You require a system, better a proven one.
  • You must be CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT.
  • You must have patience and discipline.
  • You must endlessly learn and improve marketing methods.
  • It does worth your efforts.

Accordingly, how the real Internet business ideas look.

  • The easy way for you to understand is looking into the offline businesses around you. A coffee bar sells coffee. A bookstore sells books. A restaurant sells foods. On the other hand, service business such as a washing shop offers cloths laundering. A barbershop offers hairdressing. A courier offers parcels moving. That is the genuine business.
  • It is a matter of mind shift from the visible shop located on the street or the shopping mall to digital shop on the Internet. As a result, Internet business means selling something online. It can be either service or product. It can be skill and knowledge built in you. In can be valuable information people want to know. Apparently, you must have something to sell. If you have nothing to sell, then how do you make any income?
  • It is significant for you to spot with the foundation of the Internet business ideas correctly before starting an Internet business that works. With the precise ideas that will stop you from jumbling around with various schemes that tell that if you simply invest $100 or $1000 or whatsoever, then you will simply get easy money in your account just over night on doing nothing.

Real business is not a magic. The Internet has NO money. Money is in the pocket of people on the Net. What make you believe they will give you lot of money easily, overnight. Make the critical offline-to-online mind shift and you will join the 2% of Internet business owners who succeed on the Net.

Internet Business Idea Consultants

Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach.

Words to think about, as you pursue your desire for a money-making business on the internet. The gurus of today are the teachers of tomorrow. They go from not knowing anything, to internet business idea consultants overnight, and charge you big bucks for their knowledge.

The one flaw in their plan, concerns the ever changing fads of the internet. Most of what they teach, is what they did to get started. However, what they did to succeed has passed by, and heaven forbid they should tell you what they are doing right now to make money.

Yes, in essence they tell the truth. Just not the truth which will help you at all with your business.

To be fair, there is a handful of gurus that you can trust to actually be genuine internet business idea consultants. They really do care about the quality of the methodologies that they teach. Some of those few even charge reasonable fees.

Do not turn off your critical thinking, simply because the information you get is coming from a consultant. This is especially necessary to keep in mind when dealing with an internet business consultant.

What marketing methods are they promoting? What is the long-term viability of those methods?

Are the marketing methods you are being taught, more than just a fad?

Take a look at how those methods are being used, and how much their popularity is exploding. With the amount of saturation that they are getting, would it be safe to say that they will become just another short-term advertising method?

If so, it is nothing you would want to depend on over the long-term, as a viable means of traffic.

Does your consultant make sense? Do they tell you what they see as the truth, even if it is not something you want to hear?

Do they focus on long-term, proven methods, for generating online success?

More importantly, are they looking out for your interests, or just their own?

Answer these questions, and you will find an internet business idea consultant who will be able to help you succeed much faster, and to a greater extent, than you ever dreamed possible.