Is An Application Website The Best Internet Business For You?

If you’re leaning towards the idea of starting an online business it is important to be diligent and discover the best internet business that will work for you. Certainly, there a wide range of varieties of online business concepts from promoting some type of item or selling affiliate products and programs, etc. The list really is endless. Out of all the internet business strategies which I could possibly list, right now I want to give you an intro of a specific one; Application Sites.

What exactly is an application site?

Application sites are primarily based around some sort of program developed particularly for some sort of user interaction. They quite often include customer account logins, and focus on specializing on performing one specific service. For instance, is an application that the end user can utilize to buy or sell merchandise. is an application for giving the end user the ability to connect with friends.

Below are a few points about application sites for you to think about:

Regular monthly Upkeep: This can be high. With endless adjustments to your application, the need for customer support, incorporating new functions to keep your site up to date, etc., the regular maintenance of this kind of web site can be pretty expensive.

Beginning Costs: This can be substantial as well. Sites like these require a great deal of development to create them, which unfortunately if you don’t possess the specialized skills needed to do it your self, you will have to pay someone to handle all of the programming for you.

The way it makes cash: A couple of ways that these kinds of sites profit is to charge the user a fee, for using your service (ie: eBay charges listing fees) and to sell ad space on the site..

Visitor Interaction: When a user visits the site they will be taking part in a certain activity. That ‘activity’ can be broken within Two sub-categories:

One-way: Exploring a site for news, media, and reading through the latest current information, etc… are every examples of one-way communication. When the visitor doesn’t change the content on your site in anyway, this is one-way interaction.

Multi-way: Updating your Facebook page, listing items for sale are are all instances of multi-way interaction. This happens whenever the end user adds some sort of content, that essentially helps to build up the site.

Learn how to start: Create a concept for a specific application, document it by using images and brief description, post the need for a programmer on a site such as, and have a developer create the functionality you need to make your application work.

Starting an application site is a huge amount of work. There are lots of skills needed keep it functioning. This article is not to prevent you from beginning this kind of a web-site, but rather to make you informed that your internet business idea takes much more than having a concept. You’ll need exceptional programming knowledge(or have the money to be able to have someone else handle the programming) as well as some start-up money to keep things running for many months, until you have sufficient people using your application where the site is now able to support itself. This was the message that I was trying to project before when I stated that you need to seek out and find the best internet business suitable for you. With everything that goes into a site like this, you may want to try another business idea, at least for your first online business.

Internet Business Ideas – Entrepreneurs Are Not Born But Made

Contrary to what many people believe, entrepreneurs are not born but made. I have seen a lot of vibrant youth burn themselves out with the belief that they are not born to do.

As a result they do not really pursue their ambition or rather quickly give up after a little attempt.

This article was inspired by a mail I received from one of my client who was seeking for internet business ideas on how to earn multiple streams of income online.

Of course, I quickly furnished him with some of the common ways to earn multiple streams of income online as well as the methods I still use such as:

Create a website and start promoting different affiliate product

Install AdSense on my site/blog

Content writer

And creating my own product

Quite alright he loves my internet business ideas but his problem was how he was going to setup a site as well as the time to combine all of those internet business ideas.

I then sent him another mail with the breakdown on how to go about it.

After a while, he asked if I can set things up for him.

And I referred him to a partner of mine who charged him nothing to get money making site up and running between 24hrs but needs to provide a domain and hosting which cost approximately $50 but he has to do some work to make the money making site profitable.

He replied again asking, “why should I work when you said it’s a money making site”.

I was beginning to boil, I have to refrain, a customer is a customer at all times.

I tried to make him understand, it’s called money making site because it has the capability to produce multiple streams of income, it has an auto-responder to help close sales with clients as well as follow up automatically. And as with a site, traffic is what matters, the site is going to be brand new. To make money you need sufficient website traffic. His primary job is to promote it and will be provided with 30 day training to help him get started on a profitable ground.

Well his last mail he sent me was, “I am going to pay you to help me build the traffic. How much do your charge”.

And I replied “Entrepreneurs are not born but made”.

Ordinarily I can help him build his website traffic but this guy thinks he can pay for everything.

So if you think you can eat your cake and still have it, then you are not ready to do an internet business. Some how there must be something that requires your attention, at least something you alone should be entitled to. For example, I need his web panel password to optimize his site, personally I wouldn’t advise you to share that with anybody. It should be between you and your wife, if she must know.

How to Easily Brainstorm Home-Based Internet Business Ideas (And Why I Love the Business I’m In)

There’s just so many ideas you can run with if you’re looking for a home-based internet business idea…

This is part of the problem – to get the ball rolling, you need to DECIDE!

Being passionate about something is half the battle of making your business a success. I personally find earning a living from the internet a hugely enjoyable task. And this enjoyment of what I do has been very helpful in my business being successful as it’s hugely motivating. Running a business you don’t enjoy is no fun at all!

Why do I find it so enjoyable, and why do so many other people find having a home-based internet business so much fun?

Firstly — IF you build your business up the right way, it allows you free time when you want it. With your own business… you’re the boss – so you get to choose when you work.

That said. this isn’t true of every type of home-based business — if you’re offering a service where clients expect to be able to get you on the phone, or to meet in person, it becomes less flexible, so do keep that in mind…

However, there’s many home-based internet business possibilities that allow you much more freedom in your day to day life, since most, if not all contact is by email. Quick ideas:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Information Publishing (selling ‘how to’ information)
  • Running an ecommerce store, where other people or companies are doing the product fulfillment for you

Do keep in mind of course, that an internet business will require technical skills of a sort – at the very least it’s really best if you’re comfortable using a computer!  If you’re not, get comfortable quickly – there’s many training courses for just that…

But do note that if you’re not technically inclined you can either learn the skills as you go, outsource that work, or use services that make running a website a LOT easier, like – Yahoo Store Builder, 1ShoppingCart, Aweber… and there’s many other online services that can make creating and running a website surprisingly easy.

OR – you can partner with somebody who has the skills you lack, or again hire someone quite inexpensively off websites such as, or

Now, spending a lot of time researching and understanding the market you’re thinking of selling to (you WILL be selling – either a service or a product – ALL business is driven by sales and marketing) is also key to making a success of it. The more you understand who you’re selling to, the more you’ll be able to successfully sell to them.

So what business do I recommend? Well, I can speak with the most experience, about the home-based business I’ve run every day now, for several years:

Information Publishing

I greatly enjoy this business as you are providing valuable information to people – information that people want, information that people are prepared to pay you money for, and that is genuinely beneficial to people. But also gives you a lot of flexibility in your day to day life, rather than being chained to a desk 9 to 5!

With Information Publishing, you can create and sell digital products like eBooks for example, rather than creating and sending out physical products like CDs or DVDs (but that is an option too if you choose – a fulfillment company can automate that for you).

Digitally delivered products like eBooks can be very hands-off, but you or someone else will still have to answer emails. Other than that, once the initial work in creating the product and website has been accomplished, the selling and fulfillment process can be almost automatic.

If this sort of business model appeals then I suggest you browse sites such as If you go to ClickBank Marketplace you can see what sort of products are selling well. This will give you an idea of what people are actually buying right now. Such market research can help you choose what niche to focus on and increase your chances of home-business success.

Another site you can visit while doing your research is This site allows you to see what is happening behind the scenes at many websites – it surprises me actually how certain sites are doing and also how little money some successful looking sites seem to make. Flippa allows you to find this out because it basically works as a marketplace for selling existing websites, with website owners who are selling their sites detailing exactly what’s really happening in their business.

So if you like the sound of information publishing, and would like to put the odds of success in your favor (and actually this applies to almost any home based internet business idea) — you really do not need a business idea that is going to WOW everyone. That is not necessary for making money, even good money.

A much easier path to success is taking an existing idea that is already proven in the marketplace, and either making it slightly different, and preferably better, than what the competition is offering.